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Dual Temperature Display's

Premium quality & versatility

Designed to maintain both freezing or refrigeration capabilities from a single display, eliminating the need for a variety of multiple displays for different situations or products. Rely on us to provide you with the best solutions for reliable & upscale temperature display.

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It feels good when you're prepared...

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What makes us unique...


Wide range thermostat

Display all items at it's ideal temperature. All dual temperature units can range from 5° to 40° adapting quickly & efficiently to your needs. 


Effortless mobility with casters

placing casters along the base of our units provide effortless movement. When transporting to and from ideal locations or having to relocate & reposition quickly to yield greater sales.

Decal example

Large Visible Areas for Decals

Putting decals on the surface area of your units help brand awareness & creates impulse sales in high traffic areas, yielding greater profits. 

Spec Sheet Download Box

Downloadable Spec's

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